Construction Sectors

Construction Sectors

Heavy Highway

This is one of the most important sectors in the construction world today due to the massive infrastructural rehab that is taking place in our nation. The unprecedented growth of this sector has spurred the interest of many builders across the country as many companies are trying to ride the wake of change and get involved in this emerging sector. US Builders Review covers the new growth as well as the established players in this industry sector.


As the Federal government is pouring money and resources in to municipal rehabilitation specifically in the school systems, this is a very interesting sector to keep tabs on. Court houses, elementary schools, and even city halls across the country are being remodeled and even rebuilt as a result of the large demand based on Federal spending. US Builders Review charts the locations of various projects across the nation and provides an in depth look at how these projects are being handled and where the money is being spent.

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction has been a fortress of strength amidst the national downturn which has enabled many firms to not only stay above water but actually thrive in this environment. We chart the development of many firms that have built their businesses in this sector as well as the firms that have redirected their attention to this ever changing market.

Architecture & Design

Architecture and art can be one in the same when admiring some of the great structures erected in recent years. Recent improvements in construction materials and technology have allowed architectural firms to really show off their full creative potential by way of structural development that marvel the mind just as much as the eye. Here at US Builders Review, we make it our mission to cover the most innovative design projects ranging from 5M to over 1B in overall project costs.

Green Building

Green building is more than just a fad, it’s a new way of life. Sustainability is on the forefront of the construction world as builders are finding new and innovative ways to improve our overall way of life with minimal environmental harm. In fact, US Builders Review is dedicated to highlighting leaders in this sector to showcase the companies that have adopted green building practices into all aspects of their businesses.


Industrial construction along with rehabilitation of older industrial spaces is a critical sector that US Builders Review makes a point to stay on top of. Safety, heavy steel fabrication, transport facilities and pipeline rehabilitation are just a few of the many subtopics that keep over 5,000 contractors busy in the United States.

Residential Work

There has obviously been a massive slow down in this sector but it is still far from quiet in the residential world. Despite the credit crunch that put a halt to over 50% of the residential construction in the United States in the past 5 years there is a massive resurgence in remodeling and rehab work as many Americans cannot afford to build new but they can afford to remodel and add onto to existing homes. Condominiums are not sprouting up with the same fervor as they were in 2003 but they are still being developed in various pockets of the country that are experiencing economic growth.

Government Projects

Given the current climate with infrastructural redevelopment across the nations great cites there is a new wave of projects that have been sprouting up left and right: Government work. Many of the historic bases and landmarks across the country are being rehabilitated and in some cases demolished and completely rebuilt. This is an exciting sector to keep your eye on as many of these projects will be admired by not only this generation but also for many generations to come given the historical significance.