Partnering / Disputes

Disputes Prevention "PARTNERING" and Disputes Resolution

Disputes and claims have become a recurring theme in the construction arena. Bakr Group has provided clients with expert
advice to avoid (through partnering), mitigate and resolve construction disputes. Our successful track record includes formal analysis and evaluation
of numerous multi-million dollar disputes involving all types of construction. Our success in this area is soundly anchored in:
(1) Construction contracting experience, which provides the practical knowledge necessary to evaluate construction activities
and the impact of changes and delays; and
(2) Engineering expertise to understand and analyze complex design and construction issues. We offer:

Documentation review
Issue analysis
As-planned schedule analysis
As-built schedule preparation
Review and analysis of progress schedules
Work-around and recovery schedule preparation
Delay and impact analysis
Cost analysis
Evaluation of damages
Exhibit and report preparation
Litigation support
Expert testimony
Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) consulting